Best Online Colleges!

In addition they provide an easy and convenient way of getting a degree without attending any of class.

The online colleges have   learning facilities that guides their students with the help of technology and also provide opportunities within the virtual classroom. New trends have been seen that students are enrolling in institutions further from home and getting their degree with the help of online courses the colleges are providing.  One of another reason is that the online colleges are providing range of program and its expanding day by day and from year to year.

Easy As 1…2…3…

If we estimated roughly at least one-third of online students enroll in the online programs across the world. The fact is that they probably wouldn’t consider an on-campus program even if it were available because the online courses are more flexible, time saving and convenience.

Why online colleges?

Online students are enrolling at institutions further away from their home and the online colleges provide them with a lot of variety course. Although cost and financial need are also important to online students but they are not their deciding factors in their selection of an online program. 

Selection criteria of any online colleges

Online students will enhance and improve their employment situation and they will be satisfied with their investment in an online degree.

A study shows that following are the key factors for using online colleges!


  1. Over all college or university reputation
  2. Its fee packages regarding the online courses
  3. High quality in the selected programs that students select for themselves.
  4. Enrollment process to be simple and easy
  5. Flexibility
  6. Time saving
  7. Convenience


Questions about online college and studying online!

Online colleges have become increasingly important in the past. This will continue even in times of digitization and the future! We’ve put together a few questions and answers that most students are interested in visiting online college.


Why study online?

Studying online brings a lot of benefits. One of the most important benefits of studying online college is that you can study independently of a place. Open laptop and study. Learning was easier than it has ever been!

Can I also use an online college in the USA?

Of course! This is just the advantage of studying online!

Is there an opportunity to study for free at an online college?

In some countries there is also the possibility to study at an online college for free. The choice is currently very low!

How much does studying online cost?

This depends above all on the respective online college. Whether it is a state online college or whether it is offered by a private service provider!

Is it important to live near the online colleges?

This is actually important for some students, although they can study independently of time and place. This is probably still the habit that is still marked in many people. For the new generations in the next few years this will become more and more important as we suspect that studying directly in a college as we know it in the future will not exist anymore!

What does the future of online study look like?

Studying online will become very important in a few years. We think that in the near future the school system as we know it today will not exist anymore. Digitization will give everyone around the world a chance to attend an online college anywhere. We just think it’s great!


Best online colleges

online collegesBest online colleges in Australia

The following are the top 10 institutes of Australia that offered online courses which are as follows



  1. Charles Sturt University

Currently this university is offering 22300 online graduates courses for the online students. CSU has a common international platform for courses called CSU Interact. Each subject has its own site within this platform and the students have ease of access to the learning content and tools.

Online help is there for each subject which includes:

  • Internet links and resources of that online course and program.
  • An online subject forum for discussion.
  • an email address facility that will help students for contacting the Subject Coordinator
  • Links to the library that will provide the relevant material relating to online courses.
  • Links to other administrative and support areas of university facility.


  1. University of southern Queensland

USQ is one of Australia’s leading providers of online degrees of bachelors and master’s program. Almost 27,000 students from across Australia and around the world choose to study at USQ in the areas related to

  • Business and Commerce
  • Creative Arts and Media
  • Education
  • Health and Community
  • Engineering
  • Humanities
  • Information Technology
  • Law and Justice
  • Communication
  • Sciences.


  1. University of New England

The University of New England has variety of online courses for the online students. Whatever area of study you are interested in. it has probably got a good online course for online students which will assist them in the future. Students are enrolling in programs, such as arts, business and science.


  1. Deakin University

Deakin has online courses in arts, humanities and social science. Undergraduate online students can study for a Bachelor of Arts or specialized Bachelor of Communication degree.


  1. Swinburne University of Technology

Swinburne University of Technology offers online courses through Swinburne Online. Study areas include business, communication; education and IT.its a joint project of Swinburne Online University and Courses are delivered in an interactive environment. Online support is always there for the also has courses listed with Open Universities Australia.


  1. CQUniversity

CQ University provides online courses options across most of the academic disciplines. Here are some of the online courses that they provide

  • Medicine science (Bachelor)
  • Social work (Bachelor)
  • Marketing ( Masters)


  1. University of Tasmania

UTAS has online postgraduate courses in fields such as arts, business, education, maritime studies, nursing and pharmacy. The biggest online programs are run by the

  • Australian Maritime College
  • The Faculty of Art
  • Faculty of Education.


  1. Curtin University

Curtin believes in education that is accessible to all so they offer some of online courses free for online students this facility allow anyone to complete short courses on a variety of topics online for free.


  1. Charles Darwin University

Charles Darwin University offers a limited number of online courses. And at all levels (including bachelor and postgraduate degrees).

Online courses for the online students include:


  • Arts
  • Business
  • Computers
  • Education
  • Engineering Health
  • Bachelor of Law
  • Science


  1. University of South Australia

The University of South Australia also offers online courses for the online students. The courses which they offered are

  • Business
  • Arts
  • Humanitarian
  • Health
  • Law and justice
  • IT


Best online colleges in Asia

  1. National University of Singapore (NUS)

The National University of Singapore offered 30 online courses for the online students and the subjects covered are

  • Architecture
  • Biological sciences
  • Chemistry
  • Civil & structural engineering
  • Electrical & electronic engineering
  • Environmental studies
  • Geography
  • Materials sciences
  • Mechanical engineering.


  1. University of Hong Kong

The University of Hong Kong is currently offering 33 online courses for the online students related to 26 academic disciplines which provide degree in bacholars and master level.


  1. KAIST – Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology

This university is offering 13 online courses for online students in different discipline at bachelors and masters level.


  1. Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU)

The university has around 32,500 students, which include 9,000 postgraduates.

Nanyang Technological University is one of the world’s best in a total of 28 subjects and its offers variety of online courses in many subjects at each bachelors and master level.


  1. Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST)

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology is one of the world’s top 50 for


  • Accounting and finance
  • Business and management
  • Computer science
  • Economics
  • Econometric
  • Electrical
  • Electronic engineering
  • Materials sciences

It also offered online course that is for the online students related to many discipline.


  1. The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)

The Chinese University of Hong is one of the world’s top 50 schools for


  • accounting & finance
  • business & management
  • econometrics
  • education & training
  • modern languages
  • electrical & electronic engineering
  • linguistics
  • politics
  • mathematics
  • pharmacy
  • pharmacology
  • psychology
  • sociology

This university also offered online bachelors and master’s courses for many of the discipline for online students.


  1. Peking University

Peking University is one of the world’s top 50 for 22 disciplines and it is also providing the online platform for online students to study the online programs through this university. The major discipline includes

  • Accounting & finance
  • Chemistry
  • Dentistry
  • English language & literature
  • environmental studies
  • modern languages
  • law & legal studies
  • Pharmacy & pharmacology.


  1. Seoul National University

This university offers 35 subjects and in the top 50 for 25 of these, Seoul National University’s most popular fields include

  • Architecture
  • chemical engineering
  • modern languages
  • pharmacy & pharmacology

It does also have its online platform for online students who want to study the online programs through this university.


  1. City University of Hong Kong

The City University of Hong Kong is in the QS University Rankings Asia this year, while it has 108th ranking in the overall world. The City University of Hong Kong is highly reputed, with a student of almost 14,000 undergraduate and 5,000 postgraduate students and it is also offering the online programs for its online students in the different programs offered by university.


  1. Pohang University of Science & Technology (POSTECH)

POSTECH has a current student of 2,100 postgraduates and 1,300 undergraduates. POSTECH is in the top 50 worldwide for

  • Chemical engineering
  • materials sciences

And in the top 200 in a further eight subjects. This university also provides the online programs in many disciplines at both masters and bachelors level.

Best online colleges of North America

  1. Western Governor’s University

WGU will be on your priority list for your online courses. At Western Governor’s University, online students can achieve bachelors and master’s degrees in one of their four colleges including

  • Business
  • Teacher Education
  • Information Technology
  • Health Professions which includes Nursing.


  1. Capella University

Online courses offer by this university in the Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate degrees in

  • Education
  • Psychology
  • Business
  • information technology
  • public safety and public health

CU boasts over 1600 online courses for online students.


  1. Fort Hays State University

Fort Hays State University, located at Kansas, is one of the world leading online college offering over 40 online degrees specifically designed for online students. This online college will provide online courses in

  • Certificate programs
  • associate’s
  • bachelors
  • master’s degrees


  1. Colorado Technical University

This University offers online students online programs for

  • Bachelors
  • Masters
  • doctoral degrees

It also provides specializations in engineering, business, criminal justice, health sciences, and management.


  1. American Intercontinental University

This university gives online programs for online students in

  • Accounting
  • Education
  • Information Technology
  • Business
  • Criminal Justice
  • Design and Healthcare Management

It offers 100 percent online degree programs with full help for online students.


  1. California State University at Dominguez Hills

The California State University at Dominguez Hills offers

  • 107 online courses of Bachelor’s degrees
  • 45 types of Master’s degrees online courses
  • CSU does not offer any Doctorate degrees.


  1. Liberty University

This university offers

  • 160 online degree programs for online students
  • including associate’s
  • bachelors
  • masters
  • doctorate
  • postgraduate levels

Using an eight week process, online students can achieve their bachelor’s degree in

  • Aeronautics
  • criminal justice
  • education
  • engineering
  • nursing
  • Paralegal and many more.


  1. Bellevue University

BU offers bachelors, masters and Ph.D. degrees in many different fields regarding the online programs. The university is in Bellevue, Nebraska.


  1. University of Wyoming

University of Wyoming offers over 30 online courses for

  • Undergraduate
  • Graduate
  • certificate programs

The University of Wyoming is located in Laramie, Wyoming

Best online colleges of South America

1.EAN University

EAN University is offering exciting online courses in its online college. The program comprises an academic and social setting whereby students come in contact with their peers and tutors, and equips them with the requires competency and innovative ideas they need in make them competitive in the modern globalised business environment.


2.ADEN Business School

Students looking for online MBA courses or programs should add ADEN University to their list of online colleges. Why? ADEN University Masters of Business Administration is an advanced program that trains students to build their careers in the world of business.  The program provides graduates who show vast knowledge and skills that are needed to be an asset to companies and other corporate organisations. Don’t hesitate, apply now.


3.University of São Paulo

The University of Sao Paulo offers different specialisation MBA courses as well as professional activities and programs of modernization and residency in its online college. Students should apply because it offers a unique perspective of business-oriented environments. The school is located in Brazil and students are in close contact with peers and executives from different nationalities.


4.Federico Santa María Technical University

This University is a leading university in engineering universities in Latin America which offers special emphasis to elementary sciences, technical fields, and engineering; it is recently growing into economics and other business sciences. Interested students can apply for any of the courses above in its online college.


5.Pontifical Catholic University of Chile

An opportunity for the selected group of students to study Mba courses in the online college of this world class university is here. As a student, you get the unique educational and business experience you need to step up your career; you will also learn about the culture of the people of Chile.


6.State University of Campinas

The University is commonly known as Unicamp. It is a public research university in Sao Paulo, Brazil and one of the best schools in Brazil and Latin America. Unlike other top Universities, Unicamp was designed to be an integrated research centre. Interested students can opt for online courses in its online college.

Best online colleges in Africa

The following are the top 10 institutes of Africa that offered online courses which are as follows


1.Makerere UniversityMakerere


University Business School is a leading school in Business and Management Education that promotes entrepreneurial skills and leadership and enhances professional development. It offers several Bachelor and Masters degrees courses in business. Students interested in the online college program should get ready as it will soon commence.


2.University of Ghana at Legon

The University of Ghana offers a two-year rigorous Mba program in courses such as financial management, analysis of capital markets, investment management and economics. Students can apply for any the Mba courses online; the program is also available for busy workers during the weekends


3.University of Nairobi

The University of Nairobi offers students many challenges and obstacles with the aim of providing them with an environment within which they can maximise their potentials. Interested candidates should apply for the online college because the college will provide them quality information services and core activities of teaching, learning, research and community services.


4.University of Ibadan 

IbadanOnline college in UI is the same as that offered for full time students. Students are required to get their materials online and can communicate with their lecturers per time. They only come into the school when it is time for examinations. Students interested in UI online program can apply now.


5.University of Botswana 

GaboroneThe University of Botswana is offering study programs both at the graduate and postgraduate levels. The course offered to cover the following viz; business, engineering, education, humanities, health sciences, sciences, social sciences, and medicine. Candidates interested in any of those above can apply online.


6.University of Lagos

The institution was established in 1962 and has provided qualitative education to their students especially Nigerians. Students should consider studying in this school because they provide a legacy of excellence and top range graduates and academia with tremendous impact.


7.University of Dar Es Salaam

Dar Es, SalaamDue to the limited space and the need to cater for the growing number of students as all the eight universities in Tanzania, the University established the online college with the aid of the ICT as a solution. This can serve as an opportunity for students to study online and interested candidates can apply when ready.


8.Ashesi University College

This Institution is a private non-profit and liberal college situated in Ghana, West Africa. It provides bachelor programmes for four years, and the courses offered majors in Mechanical Engineering, Business Administration, and Management and information system, Electronic Engineering, Computer Science and Computer Engineering. Students interested in this programme can apply online.


9.Addis Ababa University

This university offers bachelors programme for four years in a liberal core curriculum. The courses offered include majors in Management information systems, computer engineering, business administration, electronic engineering, and mechanical engineering. Candidates interested in a bachelor degree on any of the above courses can apply online.


10.Cheikh Anta Diop University

This is a top regional university in West Africa and one of the most reputable institutions in Africa. The university is also known as the University of Dakar with over 60000 enrolled students from all over the world including Morocco, Gabon, Ivory Coast, and so on. Students interested in a university degree can apply for the offered courses in the online college.

Best online colleges in Europe

The following are the top 10 institutes of Europe that offered online courses for online students which are as follows


1) Utrecht University, Netherlands

This university is among the top four universities in Europe. Utrecht University offers mainly

Masters and Ph.D. programmers in clinical, veterinary or general epidemiology.

Online students can create their research work and the research projects in their own country and with the help of one of the helping institutes and supervision done by the staff members from Utrecht University.


2) Uppsala University, Sweden

One of the Europe’s highly ranked universities is the Uppsala. Uppsala has online courses for the online students that are delivered as the video and audio lectures for the online students. The examination is performed online at the end of the course.


3) Webster Vienna University, Austria

Students who are looking for an online MBA or a program in international relations might want to add the Webster Vienna University in their list of online colleges. They provide degree entirely online and online courses according to their subjects and online program requirements. Courses have no definite times and no hard and fast rule so students can carry out their assignments at any time during each study week in their online program for their related discipline.


4) Wismar University Wings

GermanyThe Wismar International Graduation Services was founded in 2004, and it offers both online and part-time courses handled by professionals. Students looking for online courses on business, technology and design should consider adding this university to their online colleges.


5) Online Business School, Spain

SpainOBS was set up in the year 2006 as the first online Spanish business school. Students interested in online MBA, Master’s and Postgraduate programme can apply for any course offered by the online college. The online schedule is flexible and involves providing a sound education to their students.


6) Wageningen University, Netherlands

This University offers an online programme that can be combined with professional jobs with an online masters degree in Wageningen University and Research; one can work anywhere in the world. Therefore students should consider signing up for their online college. Also, the online program is highly interactive and small scale with active tutors.


7) Instituto Europeo Campus Stellae

SpainThis European Institution offers online courses designed to meet the needs of its students since 2003. If you have a list of online colleges, you should consider adding this university as the run a quality and sustainable online programme where students receive training  that  meets  their requirements.


8) International School of Management, France

If you are looking for online colleges with a quality online programme, ISM is an excellent choice. ISM e-learning programme enables students to study anywhere in the world, anytime. The application is opened once in a year, and students can only enrol during that period. The study is strictly online involving the use of many tools and technologies during the study.


9) Cork Institute of Technology, Ireland

Students who are looking for online colleges with the standard online programme should consider this university because they make use of a wide range if online and digital technology, they also make use of basic web content and teaching tools to build interactive learning apps and games. Online research at national and international levels is conducted during the study.


10) University of Helsinki, Finland

Finland University like other standard online colleges offers online master courses that provide many opportunities for advancement in one’s career. The programme is entirely online, and its working students are provided with the flexibility needed to balance work and academics. Students interested in online master courses should consider applying the programme makes use of latest advanced technology and opens the way to new business strategies.