Amazing Features Of The 4 Best Education Systems In The World

The development and strength of a country is measured by the level and quality of its educational system. And every time, a list of new rankings about the best educational systems in the world appeared, and other countries advanced and others fell behind. However, some countries remain at the forefront of being among the 5 best education systems in the world, including Finland and Singapore. In this article, learn about the most amazing properties of these systems.

Finland ..Education without mathematics

Finland decided to cancel the teaching of mathematics, physics, literature, history and geography. Maru Kilonen, head of the Education Directorate in the Finnish capital, commented on the decision to cancel the teaching of these subjects, saying: “There are schools that still teach their students through the traditional methods that were considered good at the beginning of the nineties of the last century, but they are no longer in line. With modern requirements.”

Today, the Finnish education system is classified as the best in the world, as all international studies place Finland in the first five ranks in terms of the quality of the educational system, educational attainment and blurring the differences between schools and students.

The qualitative leap achieved by the education system in Finland is due to the efficiency and independence of teachers on the one hand, and the philosophy of education on the other hand. Education in Finland is characterized by the majority of free public schools and the absence of differences between them, according to the principles of justice in education and equality of opportunities.

Singapore … a flexible educational system

It is considered the most important and strongest educational system in the world, thanks to this excellence due to the founder of modern Singapore, Lee Kuan, who worked to improve the conditions of teachers, grant them the highest salaries, and raise the percentage of pupils enrolled in primary schools, and this was achieved, as in 1966 all students were registered In a certain age bracket, the school is in school, and today a fifth of the state budget is devoted to educational development.

The Singapore education system is characterized by flexibility in responding to students’ choices. The goal behind this is to give students broader choices that are compatible with their competencies and energies. When they are able to choose what and how to learn, they can use and use their energy in the best possible way. Education in Singapore is based on merit, belief in the diversity of disciplines.

The educational system basically aims to help every child discover his talents, and to grow up since school, confident in himself and his abilities, and it also aims to help young people develop their abilities and refine their talents in the fields of science, arts and sports, and to achieve their dreams and succeed in their lives.

South Korea..Lifelong Education Programs

The educational system in South Korea is one of the most important and best 5 education systems in the world. The duration of study in primary schools takes 6 years, the average is 3 years, and secondary schools 3 years. Education at the primary and middle levels is free. Restaurants provide healthy meals and are considered among the best school meals in the world.

Intermediate and high school pupils’ study 16 hours a day, and the reason for this is that those who study more have the luck of entering the best universities, and on the contrary, and given that pupils spend most of their time in schools, they are equipped with the most modern gyms. Cleanliness is the responsibility of the pupils, and whoever misses the school bell is punished by cleaning the school.

The Ministry of Education is working to prepare lifelong learning programs and to encourage universities to organize more classes for learners outside universities. The Minister of Education in South Korea is the vice president of the state, while the teacher has several priorities, the most important of which is that he is exempt from performing national service in honor of his services.

Work is currently underway to replace the one-on-one curriculum with another approach that enhances cooperation and the exchange of ideas. Students are also encouraged to identify their talents and competencies at an early stage, and to pursue their education that focuses on the profession throughout the study stages.

In China… political and psychology lessons in the Mediterranean

The Chinese educational system is characterized by its strength, and the government provides primary education to six years, starting from the age of six or seven, followed by six years of secondary education, ranging in age from 12 to 18 years, the stage of basic education lasts 6 years, during which the student learns the Chinese language, mathematics, and history, Geography, nature, drawing and practicing sports. They have recently added learning a foreign language. Secondary education is divided into two parts: middle education, which lasts for three years, during which the student studies chemistry, physics, biology, the history of China, the history of some foreign countries, and geography, in addition to studying English as the second language, and increasing Interest in physical education subject.

As for secondary education, it also lasts for three years, and the same subjects are taught in intermediate education with the addition of psychology, politics and fine arts, and students who excel in specific subjects such as mathematical and literary excellence in addition to their superiority in academic subjects are allowed to enroll in higher education without passing exams. University admission, and the Chinese Ministry of Education stated that the student attendance rate is 99% for primary education, and an average of 80% for primary and middle schools, which is similar to the education system in the United Kingdom.

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