Benefits Of Working While Studying At University

The material reasons are considered the strongest motives for work during the study, either to meet the needs of the study itself in terms of tuition fees, university premiums and personal expenses, or because of family circumstances that require the student’s work, in other cases the student may be able to secure his basic study expenses through his family, but he resorts. To work to meet the secondary needs that increase at the university stage in particular, and this matter leaves a positive impact on these, according to education experts.

Gain practical experience and skills

Especially in fields of study that require practical experiences to enter the labor market after graduation, students resort to work in their field of study or alternative fields to obtain experience in the first place, this of course forces them to make many concessions to the employer to realize the latter’s need for the student to experience.


The student’s entry to university studies coincides with the growth of his desire to achieve and prove himself. The student may not want to gain real practical experience or need to achieve additional income, but he wants to achieve himself through work while studying as part of the social image he is trying to build, and while some students resort to achieving Others find that work is the way to this end, themselves through the same study, and it cannot be assured of the validity of one of the two options and its preference over the other, because the results depend to a large extent on the student himself.

You can simply monitor many positive aspects of work during the study, some of them are temporary and some of them will be long and may continue to affect our lives for a long time, and the most prominent positive effects of working with the study:

Make more income

When increasing income and covering university expenses or even helping the family with expenses were among the main reasons for embarking on work during the study, the achievement of additional income is one of the clearest positive effects of this experience, and even if the goal of work during the study is not to achieve additional income, the student will find what he earns. No matter how much fun and inspiring it is.

Gaining experience

It may be correct to say that the new experiences that the student acquires in the work experience while studying, whether on the level of profession, practical experience, or on the level of personal life; It is the most valuable catch ever in this experience. Indeed, all the positive aspects of work during the study are directly or indirectly in the field of new experiences, as we shall see.

In some disciplines, these experiences are considered much more essential than theoretical studies, as in medicine, law, or other disciplines that require cumulative and practical experience that supports, and even activates, theoretical experiences that may act on their behalf.

Understanding the job market

Working while studying introduces you to a practical experience to understand the job market well before completing your university studies and gain experiences and open your horizons and delve into what you will do after your university studies.

Expanding relationships

We all care about drafting a close CV that we attach to your employment application; But the established fact is that more than 80% of employment opportunities depend mainly on relationships, recommendations and recommendations. Indeed, the opportunities that can be accessed through relationships are difficult to reach by sending a CV or publishing a job application advertisement. Therefore, building effective relationships in the labor market during the study period will be very useful when we finish studying and devote ourselves to work, it is not required that these relations be in a specific field, whatever the nature of this relationship and the type of people and their specializations are undoubtedly very useful in the future.

Learn patience and responsibility at an early stage

Every student must come out from under the financial and administrative umbrella of the parents, and the question is when will you come out from under this cloak or umbrella ?, We do not exaggerate if we say that our exit and our pursuit of independence is easier the earlier, so clashing with working life at an early stage helps us acquire skills Personality such as patience, responsibility, striving and dealing with different situations and disparate personalities; The earlier this collision, the richer, more entrenched, and more stable these skills are.

Shortening a stage of the career ladder

If you are lucky to find a suitable job in your field of specialization while studying, this means that you shorten the time and reap the fruit of stress and fatigue, because you save yourself a year or two at least from the career ladder, and you will find that the wise management clings to the older employees, especially after they finish Achieving theoretical experience through graduation, because the employee who graduates while on the job is more effective than the graduate who comes to train in the company or institution in most cases.

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