Best Education System in the World

Education, teaching and learning are the basis for building nations and peoples, and education is the influences of actions

And the experience that deals with the mind and the physical ability of the individual and is the main factor in the formative character of him, while education is the process of communicating

With the human mind to deliver societal knowledge, skills, values ​​and customs resulting from one generation to another, and institutions play this role

Educational education teaches the individual many subjects such as reading, writing, mathematics, history and this larger concept of the teaching process,

As for learning, it is the acquisition of experience resulting from education over time, and for this great value of education, many countries paid attention to this sector and was monitored and provided

Both funds and studies are for development in it, so that it can then rely on educational strength to advance all its other institutions, including economic ones.

Social, political, judicial and other things, but unfortunately, not all citizens of the countries of the world have the same opportunity to receive education specifically

In the third world countries, and this was the biggest reason for the classification that they reached, while there are some major countries that give their governments the largest

A salary for the teacher, and when the rest of the state’s institutions objected and asked about the reason, the response was how to equate you with those who taught you.

To first place

(South Korea):

 South Korea is at the top of the public education budget last year

About eleven billion dollars, and the education rate rose to 99.2 per cent among men and 96.6 per cent

Among women, there is no weekly vacation in schools for children, as they go to school all days of the week

The GDP per capita is thirty-five thousand dollars.

Second place


The education system in Japan relies on technology, which gave it tremendous levels of knowledge, and this is evidenced by

Increase the gross domestic product to reach six trillion dollars.

Third place


The primary education system in Singapore is highly efficient, ranking third on the global list and third

Also per capita, which amounts to sixty-five thousand dollars.

Fourth place

(Hong Kong):

The education system in Hong Kong is similar to the education system for schools in the United Kingdom

And it is producing good results that made it occupy the fourth place in the world, where the percentage of education jumped to ninety-five percent

The government’s investment in education reached forty thousand dollars per person.

Fifth place


Finland’s education system slipped from first place in favor of its Asian competitors this year and is reaching

The general budget for education is about twelve billion dollars, and the per capita GDP of the state is thirty-seven thousand dollars.

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