In some countries there is also the possibility to study at an online college for free. The choice is currently very low! This depends above all on the respective online college. Whether it is a state online college or whether it is offered by a private service provider! This is actually important for some students, although they can study independently of time and place. This is probably still the habit that is still marked in many people. For the new generations in the next few years this will become more and more important as we suspect that studying directly in a college as we know it in the future will not exist anymore! Studying online will become very important in a few years. We think that in the near future the school system as we know it today will not exist anymore. Digitization will give everyone around the world a chance to attend an online college anywhere. We just think it's great! You do not want to go to online college because it is too expensive? There are many free courses available! Of course, there are also premium courses that you can prove. Studying online has never been so easy as it is today!

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