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A turbulent past, a lively present, and a promising future, these are the most prominent features of the Republic of Africa, especially its higher education, which helped it attract about 42,000 international students, and strive to embrace more who aspire to enter the educational experience in an environment that seeks innovation and competition at all levels, and gives them distinguished education, supportive funding, and programs A variety of studies and in English. The following report provides the most important information that will benefit students in seizing this opportunity.

Life in South Africa

The cost of studying in South Africa varies depending on many factors, as the tuition fees vary according to the educational institution and the study program. The fee is $ 8,816.

As for the University of Pretoria, tuition fees generally ranged between $ 1,362 and $ 4,408 for the 2016 academic year, and at Wits University the tuition fees ranged between 7,470 and 14,248 for clinical programs, and the University of Cape Town’s medical study fees are the highest compared to the fees for the program it offers Other universities in South Africa, where the fees for the first academic year amounted to $ 5,170, noting that the annual tuition fees increase in varying proportions annually in universities in South Africa.

International students are generally advised to provide $ 4,500 annually to cover monthly accommodation costs in South Africa, and the estimated amount needed to cover the cost of living excluding the cost of housing ranges between $ 160 and $ 420 per month, and at Wits University, students are advised to provide $ 215 to cover the cost of books. And transportation.

Universities in South Africa also provide housing for international students on campus, and the cost of accommodation in these dormitories varies according to the university and the type of facilities and services available to students. Up to $ 3,526 including all meals, noting that there are less expensive options, the cost of accommodation in private apartments amounts to at least $ 281 per month, and the cost of food comes to $ 120 per month.

Apply to study

The academic year in higher education institutions in South Africa begins in January or February and continues until November, and applications are submitted electronically on the website of the educational institution that the student wants to study one of its programs, bearing in mind that the application dates for international students differ from the dates assigned to other students, so Students are advised to review the course page of the course they wish to join and to know the dates allotted for them to submit their applications early.

The Republic of South Africa includes 23 public universities in addition to a number of foreign universities that enable students to obtain a bachelor’s degree or graduate studies and beyond, bearing in mind that not all of these degrees are available in all educational institutions, and the admission requirements for the offered study programs differ according to the educational institution and the academic program.

It is preferable for the student to contact the library of international students of the university in which he wants to study in case he has any questions regarding his qualifications. He can also review the website of the SAQA governmental institution affiliated with the Ministry of Education, which is specialized in reviewing and checking the qualifications of international students.

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