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At the London School of International Business, you can get a quality business education without leaving your home

Business education is particularly popular with students around the world. Knowledge in the field of business and management today is relevant for many specialties, allows you to reach a new professional level and climb the career ladder. It is not surprising that there are many already working specialists and even active entrepreneurs among the students receiving business education abroad.

Ideal flexible business education options for adult students, professionals and foreigners are offered by the London School of International Business (LSIB). At an affordable price, here you can get a first-class education completely online. No moving, no adaptation in a new place and no classes in stuffy classrooms – just pick up a laptop or smartphone and study anytime, anywhere!

Innovative online learning

Unlike most business schools in the world, LSIB takes a unique and innovative approach to education. The school understands that many students, especially those in business, find it inconvenient to change their way of life in order to get an education. Among the students there are many working professionals, adult family students and business owners who want to expand their knowledge.

Online learning at London School of International Business is based on the Learning Management System (LMS) platform, available on all electronic devices, including laptops, tablets and smartphones. After entering the school, the student receives a personal ID and password to enter the system. Training takes place through studying downloaded text, video and audio materials, completing assignments and passing tests. At the same time, students also have access to a round-the-clock online support service through which you can ask all your questions, and an electronic library with an extensive collection of classic, educational and business literature, as well as periodicals.

In this format, students can study a wide variety of business disciplines, including management, marketing, economics, finance, human resource management, accounting, etc.

The LMS platform allows students to stay in constant touch with the academic mentor and communicate with other students via chat or forum with a user-friendly interactive interface. Thus, without leaving your home, you can not only get an excellent education, but also meet “fellow students” from all over the world. Today, students from Europe, Asia, Africa and North America study at the school online.

For students in a number of programs, such as the Certificate Course in Project Management, the option of online training via a webcam with a teacher is also available. And this is, in fact, the same as having a private tutor in business disciplines from London itself!

What degree can you get from LSIB?

Given the opportunity to study online, the choice of LSIB programs pleasantly surprises with its diversity – here everyone can find a course that suits their needs.

The school’s curriculum is offered at several degree levels. Through online learning, here you can get a certificate, bachelor’s degree, bachelor’s degree Foundation level or first / second / third year bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, master’s degree or MBA.

At all these levels, students can study all possible classic business disciplines. Programs in healthcare management, tourism and hospitality management, commercial law, teaching English and computer science are also available.

Regardless of the distance learning format, you will receive a degree that is completely equivalent to a degree from a regular university offering study on campus. LSIB and its programs are accredited by ATHE, EduQual, AVA and other organizations, and are also internationally recognized.

Thus, at London School of International Business, you will receive a wide range of courses and quality recognized education, saving you significant money. You will not have to spend money on accommodation in London and flights, and the education itself at LSIB is cheaper than in similar schools.

Flexible training and payment options

LSIB knows that all students lead different lifestyles and have different incomes, so the school takes a flexible approach to the learning process and tuition fees.

As mentioned, in the online format you can study anywhere and anytime, but that’s not all. You also won’t be bound by any deadlines or exams. Your educational progress will depend only on the speed at which you complete the assignments, which, in most cases, will also replace standard exams. Depending on your capabilities, you can complete the program earlier or later than the estimated target date.

Based on the level of your income, you can also pay for your studies in a convenient schedule – for each month, quarter, half year or year. LSIB provides financial support to students with low income and high academic results. The school annually issues 50 scholarships to help pay for tuition.

The cost of studying at LSIB, while maintaining a high level of British education by the school, is lower than in similar educational institutions. So, a year of study at the bachelor’s level will cost $ 5,900, and at the master’s level (including MBA programs) – about $ 8,500-10,000, depending on the course.

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