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online collegeIn our days, we are sure that every new student thinks at least one time in proving the alternative of studying in an online college. And the best thing is that those universities are growing a lot, expanding this options to the whole world. Of course, Europe is not an exception. There are a lot of online colleges on Europe, just many as in America, and this makes us think online colleges are in fact a good option, a serious one, for the future of every student. As well as we are aware that every student probably started asking themselves if this institutes offers financial funding, even if they are planning to study via online.


Searching European Online College

We have good news. European Online Colleges not only offers lots of financial plans, but a lot of options for obtaining degrees by studying on them via online. This universities are in fact real places which offer real degrees, even for teachers. And you will be able to applying for each one from any place in the world.

There is no doubt that the world today is a whole new place with a lot of different and modern opportunities for everybody. And as you may be thinking, the world of professional studying is included in the middle of these new alternatives that our era has to offer.

Now that you know this, we are going to talk not only about the reasons to start studying in an online college or university, but we are going to talk also of some of the better options available Europe, which are also as big as the American ones (some of them have some plants in America and in other countries), so you can feel safe now that you have decided to go and try to study in one of these universities.

Now feel free in reading this whole article. We are sure we will provide you with a lot of important information which will be very helpful for you for your future choices.

Europe is as big on this field as any other continent, and what we are going to do now, is to show you some of the best European institutes where you will be able to study almost everything you want, in every field you want, from home via online. The future is now, and you are ready to experience it, finally.

online college1. UTRECHT UNIVERSITY

Utrecht University is located in Netherlands, and this is one of the best European options to start with. This university offers a lot of online education courses.


This institute offers some paid private online courses’ (SPOCs). In this courses, students will receive extra guidance from an instructor. Peer interaction is an important aspect in these courses. And the best thing is that they are organized in small groups.


On this college, you will also be able to apply for complete online Postgraduate Master’s Programmes.


The university offers a lot of online courses for teachers to support them with some IT tools mastering in their education, which makes this one of the best options, both students and teachers on the same level.

online college2.UPPSALA UNIVERSITY

Located in Sweden, Uppsala University promotes a lot of online courses too. And the best of it is the fact that there are a lot of fields available. From language to science, students (and just like the last mentioned online college) and teachers will be able to choose from a lot of options to make courses in small groups, and also will be able to apply for a Master or Phd. There are also some financial support plans available on Uppsala University. We recommend you to enter to their website, where you will be able to find a lot of information regarding online plans, fields of study and much more. Do not hesitate in contacting them if you need more guidance.A very good online college.


Webster University is located in Austria, but its plus is that this online college have a lot of institutes around the entire world. Just like other institutes, they have a lot of options for students to choose. You will be able to apply for bachelor or even masterships via online on a easy way through their website. And the best is that you can also apply for courses even if you are not interested in obtaining a bachelor degree on it.

Non-degree seeking students can take just some courses for a maximum of one academic year at Webster University without applying for any degree. In order to do so, students must send the following information via online:

They should send The online Non-degree application

Payment information

A photocopy of their tertiary level transcripts (for example, a Bachelor degree or Master degree if you wish to)

Submit documentation of their English language proficiency skills (TOEFL or IELTS score)

If you need any additional info, please contact their Admissions Office at

It is important to remark that if you need additional info in each of this online colleges, you will always be able to contact them via online. As every well-known online institute, they count with a personal which always be available to attend any doubts students could have regarding what kind of plans they offers to every student in order to obtain a full degree or small courses.

Please consider  that these institutes are well-known around the world, and they work the same way that any common college or university would do. The difference between them and other institutes is the fact that they allow students to obtain information and attend classes via online, but they are nothing like a simple little course of anything. They give every student real classes and real degrees, and they are recognized for a lot of companies and organizations not only in Europe but in the whole world.