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Although you can join an online college from anywhere in the world, many students find it convenient when online college is near the online university!

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Learning online will become very important in the future. Everyone has the same opportunity to study online. That’s great!

“The self-motivated learner will be on the web… College, except for the parties, needs to be much less place-based. On the web… you’ll be able to find the best lectures in the world.” Bill Gates

Let´s talk about Asian best online colleges

Online Colleges are one of the best alternatives for students worldwide nowadays. As you may know, universities are growing a lot, moving their horizons around the whole world. We have decided to recommend some of the best Online Colleges out there, and this time, we have decided to talk a little bit about the Asian Continent. Yes, as you may be thinking, some of the best online colleges are located on this side of the world. And we are sure that to know a little more about them will be in fact, very worthy for you and your future academic choices. Let´s start then.

Which are the best online Colleges?

Asia is not different from any other continent, when we talk about universities. Asian Online Colleges also offer an important number of financial plans, and of course, some fantastic options for obtaining degrees by studying via online, from any place in the world, without any problem.

As we have stated before in other articles, our world today is a whole new place with many different and modern opportunities for everybody. Thanks to a lot of academic evolution, we now can apply for professional degrees and careers from our home, by studying on a University via online.

What we are going to do now, is talk not only about the reasons to start studying in some of the best online colleges or Universities from Asian, but we are going to mention some of the best Asian options as well, which are also as big as the American or European ones (with operations through the entire world), so you can feel safe now that you have decided to go and try to study in one of these universities.

Now feel free in reading this whole article. We are sure we will provide you with a lot of important information which will be very helpful for you for your future choices.

Asian culture is really amazing. And of course, as you may be thinking, Asia is as big on this field as any other continent. Please take a look at some of the best online colleges from Asia. We are sure all of this information will be really helpful for your future choices.

1.     National University Of Singapore

This is considered not only as one of the best universities in the world, but also one of the best online colleges out there. This college offers not only the possibility of studying via online, but doing your applications this way.

As one of the best online colleges from the world, you will be amazed when you look at the lots of studying options they have, which go from Music to Engineering.

One of the best thing of this University, is that they not only offer online possibilities to obtain a degree, but some free courses. Of course, this is clearly one of the factors that have from NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE one of the best online colleges in asia.

Do not forget to visit their website, for obtaining more information regarding this incredible institute.

2.     University Of Hong Kong

This is a well-known University for those people who are interested in studying science and also on the financial area. The best thing is that this is a public research university and its main language for classes is English. As you may be expecting, this is one of the best online colleges from Hong Kong, which also offers a big number of different disciplines and studying options. You can apply for studying via online by filling a form, and the have some interesting financial plans too (you can ask for more information regarding those plans via e-mail )

Being one of the best online colleges from Asia and also a public research University, you must know that there are some requirements for applying for online courses, masters and degrees. All of this information can be obtained just by looking into their website and contacting them, after you have chosen any field or discipline.

It is important to remark that if you need additional info in each of this online colleges, you will always be able to contact them via online. As every well-known online institute, they count with a personal which always be available to attend any doubts students could have regarding what kind of plans they offers to every student in order to obtain a full degree or small courses.

Please take in mind that these institutes are well-known around the world, considered also as some of the best universities of the planet, and they work the same way that any common college or university would do. The difference between them and other institutes is the fact that they allow students to obtain real degrees and masters. They give every student real classes and real degrees, and they are recognized for a lot of companies and organizations not only in Europe but in the whole world.

3.     Korean Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology

Located in Korea, and also considered as one of the best online colleges in the world as well, you can figure out what you will be able to find on this institute as soon as you read its name. This is one of the best options, if you are looking to focus your academic studies in fields like Technology or pure Science.

But if you are really interested in music, KAIST is the best online college to study online all disciplines related to it, as well as sound engineering and acoustic. The best thing is that you will be able to apply for this courses from any place from the world, without doing anything more than filling some forms through their website.

If you were asking for a really good option for studying all related to sound and recording, this is the best online college for this purpose. You can also obtain more information by writing an e-mail to their personnel through their website, which is working 24 hours per day.

4.     The Chinese University Of Hong Kong(CUHK)

The Chinese university of Hong Kong is one of the worldwide recognized universities of china. The main motive of this university is to combine the cultural heritage with the modern dynasty and gives its student the international perspective about the studies. This university provides the following faculty,

  • Faculty of arts
  • Faculty of business administration
  • Faculty of engineering
  • Faculty of education
  • Faculty of law
  • Faculty of medicine
  • Faculty of science
  • Faculty of social science

This university comprises of many colleges which provides many course work according to the latest requirements. These colleges provide the best facility to its students. These colleges also offer the online courses for the distant students. Due to this online facility these colleges made to the list of best online college Asia. Following are the colleges which provide this online study facility and made it to the best online colleges of Asia.

  • Chung Chi College
  • New Asia College
  • United College
  • Shaw College
  • Morningside College
  • H. Ho College
  • W Chu College
  • Wu Yee Sun College
  • Lee Woo Sing College

They have the credit unit system through which they allocate each subject with the specific credit hours and students have to complete these credit hours. Besides they have the unique college system which is affiliated with the university through which they guides their on campus as well as online students towards the best possible manner which would ensure their best future. They have many research programs through which they can enhance the learning and research capabilities with the industry specific topics and collaborate them in the excellence way. They have one of the best and the largest campus in the Hong Kong which makes the campus more lavishing.

5.     Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST)

The Hong Kong University of science and technology is one of the focused elite researches University of the China. It has the global reputation in the technology, business, humanities and social sciences. It is the international university which has the strong relation with the global leaders. It is an institute of advanced studies which integrate the extensive knowledge in the research area. It develops the intellectual and innovation thinking through the extensive knowledge procedure followed by comprehensive research. It provides its students the environment of the academic excellence with the help of outstanding physical setting.

This university provides its foreign students the facility of online courses in the form of online courses and it is regarded as one of the best online college of Asia. They give the students the opportunity of online learning without considering any distance. The online courses provided by this university are in the field of

  • School of sciences
  • School of engineering
  • School of social sciences
  • School of humanities

This university focuses on the faculty to best provide its students the knowledge and guiding they deserve. They are offering the undergraduate and graduate programs in the science, engineering, business and management, humanities and social science and some of the interdisciplinary programs. They are continuously improving their education standards by doing the education developments through offering the interdisciplinary courses. They are also offering the online courses and are the pioneer I this field and is regarding as one of the best online colleges of Asia. They are continuously maintaining their research development and giving their research emphasis on the Nano science and he Nano technology. They are considering the collaborating with the government in the research fields so that they can compliance the research with the industry problem.

6.     Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU)

Nanyang technological university is a young emerging university that has earned its place globally by taking the 13 globally ranked for the second year running. It is also awarded with the first top young university under fifty for the three consecutive years. It has the premier scholars programs and direct honors programs that helps the student’s to design their own curriculum according to their strength and weakness. Every 9 out of 10 graduates get the job after graduating from this university. It is on the list of top 15 most influential campus of the universities in the world.

The premier scholarships are also awarded to the distant students that will be doing their graduation with the online colleges that are affiliated with this university. Those online colleges that are affiliated with this university are the best online colleges of Asia. This facility is given to the foreign students to choose their courses online and study online with these colleges which are affiliated with Nanyang technological university. This university have the worldwide partnerships that would give its students the opportunity to go overseas once in their course time. This global partnership would help the students to have the global exposure regarding every field.

They have the interactive learning based class room which provides the environment of team base learning. This university offers the career boost by giving its students the internship in the multinational companies such as royal Royce and BMW. They have the most vibrant and interesting student life in which they have at least 130 different societies and clubs. They also provide the prestigious scholarship and need based scholarship o the deserving students. They also provide their students with the entrepreneurship activities with café and merchandise shop in order to inspire their students to make a difference in the society.

7.     Peking University

Peking University or Beijing Daxue is one of the most prestigious universities in the People’s Republic of China and Asia, with a humanistic spirit of research and academic education, it was founded in 1898 under the name of Imperial University of Peking. After the Chinese revolution, it adopted its current name.

It is located in the capital of China, Beijing, near the Summer Palace, the university campus is called Yan Yuan and has an area of ​​3 million square meters.

Teaching Structure

currently the university has 30,000 students including undergraduate or university degree students, postgraduate and doctoral students, and international students. All of them attend the 31 schools, 5 faculties and 271 research centers that make up the university, in addition to maintaining relationships with 200 international institutions in terms of collaboration and academic exchange, an important aspect for Chinese education. Peking University has an outstanding Library which was founded in 1902, a few years after the university was launched, and has more than 4,000,000 volumes with a capacity of more than 6,500,000 volumes. His collection of rarities and old books is a reference throughout Asia.

Its longevity of 105 years and its predominant role in Chinese education during its development within the first decades of the 20th century have made this university one of the most important institutions of higher education in the People’s Republic of China, among other reasons.

8.     Seoul National University

Seoul National University was founded in 1946 as the first Korean university educational center. Its creation contributed to the spectacular economic and political progress in the last century.

This academic institution has become the brain and heart of the country. Under the principles of liberal education instills in students the appreciation of the acquisition of knowledge as a contribution to personal development. It also prepares students to face a highly competitive environment by providing them with faculties in all fields of knowledge.

It is made up of 16 colleges with 84 departments on: humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, nursing, financial management, engineering, agriculture and human sciences, art, law, education, environment, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, music, medicine and dentistry.

There is also a graduate school with 98 departments and 6 professional schools on: public health, public administration, environmental studies, international studies, dentistry and financial management.

According to the ranking of the Science Citation Index (SCI), this university is in position 32 with respect to the universities most involved with technological and scientific advancement.

These are the main centers that make up the university:

  • College of Humanities
  • College of Social Sciences
  • College of Natural Sciences
  • College of Agriculture & Life Sciences
  • College of Business Administration
  • College of Education
  • College of Engineering
  • College of Fine Arts
  • College of Human Ecology
  • College of Law
  • College of Medicine
  • College of Music
  • College of Nursing
  • College of Pharmacy
  • College of Liberal Studies
  • College of Veterinary Medicine

9.     City University of Hong Kong

City University of Hong Kong (CityU) is a Hong Kong-based education provider, offering both technical courses such as undergraduate, graduate and other levels of study and research. CityU is committed to nurturing and developing student talent and creating applicable knowledge to support social and economic development. This institution places special emphasis on creating strong links with the local Hong Kong community and internationally.

10. Pohang University of Sciene & Technology

Pohang University of Science and Technology or POSTECH is a private university, based in Pohang, South Korea, that is dedicated to research and education in science and technology. In 1998, it was ranked by Asiaweek as the best in science and technology university in Asia. Furthermore, from 2002-2006, one of the most widely distributed newspapers in Korea, JoongAng Ilbo ranked POSTECH as the leading university in Korea. In the year 2011,


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