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How to improve reading ability?

1.     What is the speed of reading?

To explain the interaction between reading and reason, we will use the example of driving. If we go in a car and go from 80 km / h to 180 km / h, our brain will have to “adapt” to that new speed and absorb information more quickly. If we reduce the speed to 120 km / h, the brain will give us the feeling that we are walking more slowly. The reason is that when we speed up our brain is forced to capture more information in less time. Thus, when you slow down, you still have time to perceive and capture more details. Well, the same thing happens if we apply it to reading: as we speed up reading, the mind adapts to absorb more information in less time. The average reading speed for a college student is 200 words per minute. With speed training we can increase this to 800 and even 1000 words per minute.

2.     Practice to increase reading speed

We feel more motivated by the valuable knowledge and power of speed reading to get rid of bad reading habits and to develop new, more effective habits. The main rule to mastering correct reading habits is practice and re-practice! We should organize training sessions in which we focus on very fast reading, without worrying too much to remember what we read. With practice we will get the same effect of speed on the brain when driving.

3.     Choose the appropriate reading speed for each type of text

  • Reading the study (150-250 words per minute)

This is the appropriate speed to ensure that you understand and deal with complex texts or new idioms.

  • Fast reading (400-800 words per minute)

This is the ideal speed for reviewing and browsing reports, summaries and previously read texts.

  • Exploratory reading (500-1000 words per minute)

It is the ideal speed for initial text recognition. It allows us to quickly discover the index of topics, its length and points of interest, and most importantly, to better absorb new knowledge. When we explore the text, identify the important points in it, analyze its extension, and determine the index of its topics, we have saved a lot of unnecessary reading time, as when we study it, we will know what we want. Exploration reading includes an important strategy when studying through the class system. It allows us to browse the chapters that precede and come after what we wish to study, increase understanding and contribute to resolving potential doubts.

4.     Why do so many people read more slowly than they can?

Because of many bad habits we learned when we were young. A habit is a repetitive, involuntary activity the way we read is a habit. The good news is that changing the reading habit is a simple process that requires a relatively short time, depending on our own characteristics and sincerity. Again, the key is practice, practice and re-practice! Here are some of the benefits of increasing reading speed:

  • To quickly identify what we care about and ignore what we do not care.
  • Absorb the most important in the text with the least effort and time.
  • Understand more clearly and thus be able to better retain what you have learned.
  • You have more time to dive into the topic or do other things.

5.     Reading habits that we should strive to correct are:

  • Read everything at the same speed

Some texts are more difficult to understand than others. We must know how the speed of reading adapts to the difficulty level of the book and also its purpose.

  • Read slowly

The reading material portion, this means setting the point of view of what you have read. Speed ​​reading enables you to understand concepts clearly.

  • ineffective eye movements

Sometimes when reading, the eye returns to the line that was being read. It also happens that when we move from one line to another, we tend to wander instead of going directly to the first word of the next line.

  • Little space for installation

The eye perceives between 3 and 4 words every time it looks at a text. This small number of words that we see is the result of the method of reading they taught us when we were young: word for word. With training, you can read up to 12 words with one look.

  • The inner voice

The inner voice is the recitation of the words as you read them. This is what we call auditory confirmation. We acquired this bad habit when he was asking the teacher to read aloud to ensure that we were learning the relationship between letters and sounds. The key is to be able to read without “saying” the words, as doing this limits the speed of speech which is much slower.

  • Distractions

Internal and external distractions are “fatal” by verbal understanding because they break our focus and force us to go through the process many times.

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