Traditionally, it is believed that in order to get an education at the world’s leading universities, you need to be within the walls of these universities for quite a long time. However, this is not always the case. The Department for Continuing Education at Oxford University invites students from all over the world to full-time, evening and distance programs lasting one to two years, several months, weeks or just a day, as well as distance learning programs.

The Faculty of Continuing Education was founded at the University of Oxford over 100 years ago. Its goal is to make quality education accessible to people from all corners of the world through modern learning technologies that make it 100% possible. The faculty offers about 800 courses in various specialties and annually trains about 15,000 students.

The choice of programs at the faculty is very wide: online courses, summer schools, weekend programs and special programs for citizens of foreign countries, and the list of subjects offered will satisfy the most discerning student.

Distance (online) education in Oxford

The Faculty of Continuing Education at the University of Oxford offers more than 60 distance programs and courses, studied primarily online: art history, economics, statistics, architecture, information technology, foreign languages ​​and many others.

The duration of the course is on average 5 to 10 weeks. After graduation, depending on the program, a diploma, certificate or other educational document is issued.

For British and EU citizens, the cost of short courses starts from £ 100, for citizens of other countries, including students from the countries of the former USSR – from £ 130.

A unique opportunity to obtain a degree from Oxford University remotely is provided by the MSt (Master of Studies) in International Human Rights Law program of the University of Oxford. This program allows you to obtain a master’s degree from Oxford University without leaving your own home. The duration of the program is 2 years and the cost is about £ 19,000.

Applications for online programs are accepted right up to the start, subject to availability. However, in order to avoid being refused admission due to the complete filling of the program, the documents should be submitted in advance. Course availability information is published on the Oxford School of Continuing Education website.

The applicant must be a confident PC user, have high-speed Internet and speak English at a level not lower than: IELTS – 7.0 points, Internet-based TOEFL – 100 points.

The application can be sent by Email or mail to the address of the course administrator or through the electronic registration system on the website of the Faculty of Continuing Education.

Summer schools

Summer schools are in high demand at the Faculty of Lifelong Learning at Oxford:

  • Academic summer schools.
  • Summer School for Adults (OUSSA).
  • Summer School “Practice in Oxford”.

Oxford Summer School students attend lectures and workshops on creative writing, English, human rights, modern history and politics, archeology, teacher development courses, and more. Every year the university opens more than 120 summer schools in various disciplines.

The duration of classes at the Oxford Summer School is from 5 to 10 weeks. Upon graduation, a certificate of completion of the summer school of the University of Oxford is issued.

Tuition fees depend on the choice of the program, as well as on whether the student lives in a university college or rents housing on his own. The cost of a summer school program with housing is from £ 1,500 , without housing – from £ 780.

In order to become a student of the Academic Summer School of the Faculty of Lifelong Learning at Oxford University, you need to have a bachelor’s degree or complete at least 2 university courses. An educational degree is not required to participate in the Summer School for Adults and the Internship at Oxford School.

The applicant can register for the summer school online or download the application form from the summer school page on the Internet and send it by Email or mail to the address of the course administrator.

In the application form, the applicant indicates where he studies or studied, where he would like to live during his studies, food preferences and other personal information. Sometimes, the organizers ask you to provide a certificate confirming knowledge of the English language. The level of English must be at least: IELTS – 7.0, Computer-based TOEFL – 250.

Application deadlines vary from course to course. For example, an application for a creative writing course must be submitted by February 15th, and an advanced teacher training course must be submitted by May 1st. The deadlines for submitting documents for the course of interest must be checked directly on the summer school page on the website of the Faculty of Continuing Education.

Programs for international students

The Faculty of Continuing Education also offers preparatory courses for admission to the UK Master’s Degree. The most popular are:

  1. Foundation of Diplomacy Program. This course is suitable for those who want to gain practical knowledge in the field of diplomacy and learn English at an advanced level. The duration of the course is 6 months. Cost – from £ 9,800.
  2. Advanced course Advanced Diploma in British and European Studies (British and European Studies). The main objectives of this program are a detailed study of the culture of Great Britain and other European countries, in-depth knowledge of the English language and the development of critical thinking. The duration of the course is 9 months. Cost – from £ 11,800.

The admission procedure consists of two stages. First, the applicant sends the necessary documents by Email or mail to the address of the course he is interested in. After receiving them, the program director assigns the applicant the date and time of the telephone interview.

List of introductory documents:

  • completed application;
  • a letter of recommendation from a teacher or employer;
  • a copy of the bachelor’s degree diploma;
  • English language certificate: IELTS – 6.5, Internet-based TOEFL – 86;
  • 2 photographs (as for a passport).
  • Documents for programs for citizens of foreign countries are accepted until the end of May.


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