With the passage of time, many of the difficulties that existed to study have disappeared. Nowadays, studying at a distance is easier than you think. This modality offers you the opportunity to meet your university goals, making use of new communication technologies. In this post, we explain the options you have to get the most out of virtual studios.

Main advantages of studying at a distance

Distance education goes hand in hand with technology. Mainly, it has the objective of solving problems and offering more study opportunities, to people with difficulties to handle other responsibilities and the lack of resources with the desire to continue with their professional training. These are the advantages of studying online that you should know:

Balance and flexibility. Following a distance career provides you with the necessary space so that you can balance your personal life and your studies, especially if you have other occupations. For example, a job, practicing a sport professionally, or taking care of a sick family member.

Study programs tend to be more flexible, that is, as a student you have more control over the duration of classes, what time of day you can study, the dates of the assessments, among other aspects.

Minimize geographic boundaries. One of the main problems of people living in rural areas is not having access to universities with a greater offer of undergraduate degrees. But distance education is able to reduce this gap, since you do not need to physically present yourself at the university. You can take the classes and take your evaluations through digital platforms.

Save money and time. Some of the expenses that you must take into account when studying an undergraduate degree are the cost of residence, transportation, food and school supplies. Many of them can be avoided if you study from the comfort of your home.

On the other hand, you control your schedule. You have the opportunity to use all the time saved on other important activities, like focusing on your work, for example.

Develop good habits. To be successful as a distance learner, you need to act responsibly. Consequently, you will be motivated to better manage your time, be more organized with your tasks, read and research more about your career, handle new technologies, etc.

Guide of a tutor. Virtual platforms include constant communication with a tutor, who knows your progress, can answer your questions, guide you when taking evaluations, help you choose your courses. All this in a personalized way.

Disadvantages of studying at a distance

  • It is necessary to have internet access and a computer. Otherwise, you will not be able to use the platform provided by the university.
  • The study programs are completely theoretical, most of the time. So, you must read a lot and be familiar with this type of learning.
  • You miss the experience of getting to know the university campus, and participate in the extracurricular activities of the university.
  • You must choose the university where you will study carefully, because some distance study programs are not well designed or offer the necessary resources.
  • It requires the ability to organize your time and prioritize your activities, since you run the risk of leaving university assignments until the last minute, which will affect your academic performance.

Best universities to study at a distance in Peru

Not all universities in Peru offer the possibility of distance education. Therefore, you must research very well what your true options are, before making a decision. Here are 10 of the best universities with online study programs:

  • UPC – Peruvian University of Applied Sciences
  • USMP – University of San Martín de Porres
  • UCCI – Continental University of Science and Engineering
  • USIL – San Ignacio de Loyola University
  • UCSM – Catholic University of Santa María
  • PUCP – Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú
  • UAP – Alas Peruanas University
  • UIGV – Inca Garcilaso de la Vega University
  • UTP – Technological University of Peru
  • UPN – Universidad Privada del Norte

What careers can be studied online?

Before choosing the distance mode, it is important to be aware that not all courses can be taken online, for different reasons. Mainly, there are undergraduate courses that include practical subjects, which are fundamental to the study program. For example, Human Medicine, Veterinary Medicine or Mechanical Engineering.

Likewise, there are very new or unusual races, which have not yet been taken into account for this modality. As is the case of Biotechnology Engineering. Pay attention to this list of the degrees that are usually offered at a distance, in most Peruvian universities:

  • Business Administration
  • Economy
  • Accounting
  • International Business
  • Law
  • Advertising
  • industrial engineering
  • Systems engineer
  • Psychology
  • Education

Tips for studying a distance career

We want to present you with simple and useful tips that will help you get everything in order before you start studying, and ensure success in your university experience.

Know everything about your study program

Choose several universities and find out as much as you can about their distance study programs. Some basic questions you should ask about are the design of your virtual platform, assignment of tutors, evaluation techniques, if the career is 100% online or there are some face-to-face courses, access to the digital library, among other aspects.

Organize your time and space

Use an agenda, a calendar, or any instrument that helps you put in order the dates of evaluations, times to study, tasks to be done and matters related to your other occupations. Just because you don’t follow a strict college schedule doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea to create your own outline, or action plan.

Maintain good communication with your tutor

A tutor or advisor is there to clarify all your doubts and help find solutions to many problems. But you need to maintain proper communication. Do not postpone your appointments to talk to him, reply to all his messages, ask direct and detailed questions, for example.

Look for more information, don’t stop learning

When studying online it is very positive to expand your knowledge about each topic covered in class, since you have more control over your time and study programs. Use your university’s digital library, or search the internet, to review what you have learned and acquire valuable new information.

Try studying at a distance. Let nothing stop you!

If you think that the obstacles to completing your university career are many, you should probably seriously consider studying at a distance. After knowing the advantages of this modality, you will most likely find a solution for almost all the problems that prevent you from continuing to train.

Cheer up! Choose the university of your preference and the career that most catches your attention. So, start researching the available study programs and modalities.


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