Tips For Succeeding While Studying Online

It seems that studying online has not become a matter of transience, with a number of countries heading to close again due to the increase in the number of Corona virus infections around the world, which makes students face a new system that they have not been used to over the past years.

These are tips for succeeding in studying online, as reported by “your teen mag” for students who want to make progress in their studies this year.

1. Organization is the key to success

If it is important to have a plan while studying inside the school, then it is even more important to have a plan when learning online. You do not have a school bell or teachers asking students to go to class, so it may be easy to waste time.

A daily plan must be drawn up about the subjects to be remembered and the topics under study, with the necessity to include specific break times.

2. Reducing distractions

Sitting at home or in bed while receiving notifications on your phone with snacks such as potato chips can distract you from studying, so you must allocate a place to study inside your room or in a study desk, with the phone in silent mode or turned off.

3. Determine a study plan for each subject

Of course, when studying six or more subjects per day this can be stressful, it can be helpful to create a study plan for all subjects – for example, mathematics, history and literature in even days and then biology, geography, and chemistry on odd days. It reduces the time in each subject and also reduces the stress of doing many things in a single day.

4. Prepare for classes ahead of time and ask teachers for support

Many schools hold online classes teaching various subjects but it may not be possible to answer your questions during class time. Reading ahead or watching videos about materials right before class will help you better understand the material and save time. Make use of your teacher’s office hours online and reach out to him if you have questions, but accept some lateness for teachers’ responses.

5. Use of resources on the Internet

There are hundreds of online resources available for students to use, such as books as well as lectures and online videos that help to understand the material, at present, many websites offer free resources for students, so take advantage of all the options available to you; Because preparing for exams is much more difficult without a teacher.

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