Why should you study aviation in South Africa?

If you want to fulfill your dream of becoming a “pilot” then you will not most likely think of studying aviation in South Africa, but the information that will shock you that the best place to make your dream a reality may be South Africa. This country is considered one of the best countries in the study of aviation for many reasons. The first is that the aviation certification that it awards is CAA according to British aviation laws. Known for being the highest degree in aviation, in addition to the ideal air-to-flight nature. Which gives a high skill for the trainee due to the influences of the ocean atmosphere surrounding the country.

With regard to the cost of study and air training, it is characterized by its low cost compared to other countries. It is much lower than European countries.

Check qualifications

In the beginning, you have to undergo an examination, to find out whether you are eligible for admission to the university in order to study aviation in South Africa. You can view the admission requirements by entering the website of the university in which you are trained to study on the Internet and browsing the website of the subject. These are the conditions for acceptance, and in most cases all the information is available there. You can also write to the department secretariat.

English Language

Aviation academies require a certain level of knowledge of the English language. Simply because English is the first official language. It is the language of study in universities, noting that the duration of the study depends on the level of English that the student has before the start of the study. After your acceptance, you will need to obtain an entry visa application (visa) to study in South Africa.

World Sky Aviation School

World Sky Aviation Academy is one of the leading academies in civil aviation sciences in the world and one of the most famous aviation study institutions in South Africa. It offers various programs in the field of civil aviation and many airlines and aviation organizations trust the Academy.

It is based in South Africa at Lansaria International Airport. Together with its partners in South Africa, it qualifies you to obtain the ICAO license, and the goal of the academy is not only training, but training and finding work after training. Therefore, the academy helped dozens of students find suitable job opportunities.

Costs and study period

The cost of studying aviation in South Africa is estimated at about $ 42,000, including all licenses and qualifications. Multi-engine flight eligibility. As for the study period, it will be from 12 to 18 months, depending on your absorptive capacity. It includes several programs, including a commercial pilot program, which takes 205 flying hours for a total cost of $ 42,000. This program includes a study of a Commercial Pilot Program (CPL) with instrument rating, multi-engine eligibility and 205 hours of total flying hours.

A 205-hour commercial pilot program with an English language, with a total cost of $ 48,000. This program includes a study of a Commercial Pilot Program (CPL) plus instrument rating. Multi-Engine Flying Eligibility and 205 hours total flying hours. A comprehensive study of English for a period of 6 months, an intensive and comprehensive study of an English language for aviation.

Another program, a 273-hour commercial pilot program, has a total cost of $ 49,500 (CPL). It has instrument rating and multi-engine flight eligibility. And 273 total flying hours and 25 flight hours on a multi-engine plane.

A 273-hour commercial pilot program with English language, with a total cost of $ 55,500 plus instrument rating. Multi-Engine Flight Eligibility and 273 total flying hours. And the number of 25 flying hours on a multi-engine plane. Comprehensive English language study for a period of 6 months, and an English language study for aviation.

Life in South Africa

Life is simple and uncomplicated, but it does matter where you live. People are generally friendly but you should always be careful, the prices for vegetables and fruits are average and acceptable, not high. With regard to electricity and communications, it is relatively cheap, while the price of the Internet is a little high, and for transportation, the price of tickets is very cheap, with the exception of taxis.

Visa to South Africa

You must complete a temporary residence visa application form to study in South Africa. If you are visiting South Africa for the first time without obtaining a temporary residence visa, you are automatically granted a short-stay tourist visa for a period of 3 months. During these three months, you must present all your papers and obtain a temporary residence visa. To obtain it, you must submit the same application form, named BI-1738 which can be downloaded from the DHA South Africa website, in addition to a medical report, the form name is BI-811.

Radiology report, and a special medical examination confirming the absence of pulmonary tuberculosis, the doctor fills out the form called BI-806. You will also send an acceptance letter stating that you have been accepted to study at the university in which you will study.

You must send a copy of the health insurance policy. Of course, you must have complete and valid medical insurance in South Africa before submitting an application. A recommendation from your state’s police that you have not committed any misdemeanor in the past. A copy of the airline tickets showing the time of your arrival in South Africa, and a copy of the departure ticket as well. You will be granted a temporary residence visa that expires on the scheduled date of departure that appears on your departure ticket. If you have applied for the visa before, and received it, you must also attach a copy of it to the new application.

The visa application file is required to have a bank statement that confirms that you have a bank account, or an official letter from the authority that has ensured your care and covers the costs of your stay and study. The message appears in the pledge of that institution or agency that it will take care of all your expenses. It is preferable to apply for a one-year visa and renew it whenever it expires because this costs you less, while if you request a visa for two years or more, it will require a larger amount from you.

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