Would You Like To Study In Switzerland? Here Are The Most Important Details

Switzerland is known among the countries of Europe for the strong reputation of its educational institutions and the luxury of living in it, in addition to the picturesque nature, and that it is ninth in the world in the global talent competitiveness index for the year 2015, and the Swiss cities of Zurich, Geneva and Basel are also considered among the best cities to live, and studying in Switzerland is an opportunity that many aspire to International students, the following report provides the most important information that will benefit students in seizing this opportunity.

What about life in Switzerland?

Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries in the world, which makes the cost of living in Switzerland a challenge for international students due to its high, especially in the cities of Geneva and Zurich, which are among the most expensive cities in the world, and the cost of living varies from one city to another according to the place of residence, but it ranges between 1,400-1,000 euros monthly.

Students have multiple options for accommodation where they can choose student dormitories, which rents are at a rate of 800-360 euros per month, or shared apartments so that the rents of one-room apartments are at a rate of 800-650 euros per month, and students can also stay in apartments designated for one person (studio However, it is more expensive and has a lower rent of 1,000 euros per month, and students can share accommodations to reduce the cost.

How to apply to Swiss universities?

Institutions of higher education vary in Switzerland, there are universities, applied university colleges, teacher colleges, federal institutes and private institutions. Students can apply to the educational institution they want to join directly through its website, after choosing the academic program they want, and they can use one of the available databases to search for the academic program you want and requirements. Admission and the language of study used in Swiss educational institutions.

As for the admission requirements, the student can know the general requirements in Swiss universities by searching for his country on this page, as the requirements differ according to countries, and he may need to pass an entrance examination or supplementary exams as well.

Several languages ​​are used for teaching in institutions of higher education in Switzerland, namely German, French, Italian and Romanian (one of the ancient Latin languages). There is also a limited number of study programs offered in English, so the student must review the page of the study program he would like to join to confirm the language of study, and the necessity Provide evidence of his proficiency in this language.

The academic year in Swiss educational institutions is divided into two academic semesters, the fall semester and extends from September to December, and the spring semester from February to June, and the deadlines for applying for study programs vary according to the type of program and the educational institution, bearing in mind that if the applications are received after the end Registration dates, the application will be carried over to the next semester, you can visit the link to find out the dates of all Swiss higher education institutions for the next three academic years.

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